Stephen      V.    Zorbas 

Activities  -  (1995-2015) :     

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies of Singapore

I recognized early on that sustainability , energy efficiency and pollution reduction in Australia had to be tackled by a technology led approach, complemented by the "push" of carbon trading systems. I did recognize and promote the potential of hydrogen as a solar fuel. I as well created a dedicated company for such (Solar Hydrogen Research Pty Ltd non-profit -1996).I then created The National Hydrogen Association of Australia-2001, National Hydrogen Institute of Australia -2004, & Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Limited non-profit -2003.All organisations were funded personally along with all websites to date. I further created Fuel Cell Vehicle Alliance of Australia in year 2006 to assist fuel cell vehicles coming to Australia from years 2014/2015 & onward. I provided the first hydrogen and fuel cell science technologies education program for high schools across Australia, and continue such on an ongoing basis. I have recently created a yr 2012 program called "Towards Zero Carbon Transport", which is designed to educate our students and organisations before the fuel cell electric cars are commercially released by all major car makers in years 2014/2015 and beyond.

The above group of companies highlighted a practical pathway of how to go forward. Reports were then written to describe the feasible designs that could be implemented. The reports were issued to many politicians around Australia, communicating the message that we have real technology and more is coming that can do the sustainable job in the future for Australia. These organisations were legally formed by myself and self funded. All websites ( and ) have been programmed by myself with logos and alike as well created by myself. It has been  a "one man band" indeed thus far(2013), however delegation in certain areas will need to be done in the near future. I as well became an early advocate for Australia becoming a sustainable power in its future as well as a strong potential supplier of renewable hydrogen.

To date I believe I got the research directions correct along with the ideas, as relating to Australia's future. I can confidently say that I have had significant results for hydrogen and fuel cell science / technologies education, and for a group of futuristic technology companies designed to strategically influence the private and public sectors on sustainability, energy efficiency and pollution reduction via practical examples and reports. I believe I have significantly assisted the development of hydrogen / fuel cell technologies & solar hydrogen research in Australia to date, and hopefully I will see all the above changes implemented in the near future.

Yes I was right, for commercial hydrogen fuel cell cars become available in year 2015. There were quite a few doubters in Australia alone, that viewed hydrogen fuel cell cars as a "fantasy", and I  was even referred to as a "crackpot" by several seniors under The Howard government.

I created the statement below to reflect my interpretation of the future with hydrogen. It stands as significant today as it did in 1995.

"A parallel of significance has been reached between, the importance of Hydrogen in its nuclear sense as in our stars, with hydrogen in its humble chemical sense, here on Earth." - © S.Z. - 1995.

*  Artificial  Photosynthesis  * 

As the director of Solar Hydrogen Research P/L  , I established this research direction and pathway in 1996 and encouraged novel approaches.

In year 2005 I created a statement to reflect Australia's position when carbon policy ideas were being considered.

"A technology led approach towards future sustainability should be complemented by the "push" of carbon trading systems"-S.Z. - 2005

Awards:                                              The NSW Department of Energy, Utilities, and Sustainability (D.E.U.S.)-Green Globe Awards for years 04/05/06



Press:                                                                                                            Press articles 2005 / 2006




1. Year 2002 : Former ALP leader Mark Latham. 2. Year 2004 Former Premier of Western Australia The Hon Allan Carpenter MP.3 . Year 2005  NSW Minister The Hon Frank Sartor MP. 4. Year 2007 Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. 5. Year 2008 : NSW Director of Sustainability.

Australian firsts:

Energy and Environment (not all) :

1./  Solar energy power plan for Blacktown NSW.2./  "Smart switching" integrated power supply systems to maximise efficiency and longevity. 3./  Build a small model as in point " 9./ " as above, and demonstrate such before students.(04/05)4./  Created a "Smart House" report which critically warned The NSW ALP Gov. on power and water infrastructure; suggested 80% Housing/Industry to be self 2020. 5./  Put forward a "technology led approach towards future sustainability, should be complemented by the "push" of carbon   trading schemes"-2005 with Dr David Hemming DEUS NSW.6./  Suggested hydrogen can be input to our natural gas pipeline.(2002).7./  Put forward feasibility of Australia being a mass hydrogen supplier in the future.(1996).8.Artificial photosynthesis research direction(1996).

Hydrogen / fuel cells  - ;8./  The Australian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science Technologies Education Program (late 2004).9./  Built twenty(20) hand built model hydrogen fuel cell powered cars for as many schools in SW Sydney (early 2005).10./ Demonstrated model solar hydrogen fuel cell powered cars before students. 11./ Powered a radio with a commercial micro-hydrogen fuel cell (DHFC) from Angstrom Power of Canada (early 2006).12./ Built a model 12watt radio controlled hydrogen fuel cell powered car, and demonstrated such before students.(mid06).13./Powered a Nokia 3310 mobile phone with a commercial hydrogen fuel cell.

*World  firsts:

1./   * Radio controlled model hydrogen fuel cell powered car for < $US500.(2006).2./   * Demonstrate before schools students the Horizon built World's smallest hydrogen fuel cell powered car and H2 station.(06)  3./   Certain statements and themes as in the intro above.

2014- Micro-power grids and solar fuels for transport : This is a new program that I am promoting through Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Limited.

Ten (years) have now past since Australia's first Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Science/Technologies education program(2004)began, which was designed by Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Limited(2003). Due to the fact that commercial fuel cells have expanded significantly over recent times, the creation and direction of Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Limited is indeed now proven to be success. The education of many students has thus been justified on an ongoing basis via the website, and as a result the majority of Australian high schools are now aware of fuel cell science and technologies.

Ten(10) years will have passed in year 2015, since the twenty(20) model hydrogen fuel cell cars were built for as many local high schools. Solar Hydrogen Research Pty Ltd(1996) with The National Hydrogen Institute of Australia(2004), specifically built the said twenty(20) model hydrogen fuel cell cars, to specifically reflect the hydrogen PEM fuel cell for mobile applications. Commercial hydrogen fuel cell cars will be released by Honda, Toyota and Hyundai in year 2015, and therefore confirms that the direction/s I took a decade ago were correct, I am therefore successful on this as well. There were quite a few doubters in Australia over the last ten(10) years, and now they have been proven wrong.

Solar Hydrogen Research Pty Ltd (1996) with its direction of artificial photosynthesis for hydrogen production, was considered "way out there" and a few other things in 1996. "Artificial photosynthesis"  along with "solar fuels" are now terms readily used buy numerous research groups around the world. Many groups seek an "Edison", searching for semi-conductors with matching catalysts to create an artificial leaf. Today we have bimetal catalysts that are cheap along with as cheap semi-conductors to match. We know that the interface between catalyst and semi-conductor is imperative for overall efficiency.

Fuel Cell Institute of Australia Pty Limited has started to communicate with all original participants of the year 2004 educational program, with a view to reinforce the program in the local region, and expand from there.

The Federal Minister for the Environment has been written to as regarding The Sir Samuel Griffith building, with a view for it to dispense hydrogen for a mobile fuel cell demonstration (small vehicle/s). (FCIA P/L); the above letter was issued on my behalf by my local federal MP for Fowler Chris Hayes (March 14).

2012 - New program called  "Towards Zero Carbon Transport", and started re-examining artificial photosynthesis and hydrogen storage ideas and projects.

2009- - see full commercial unit(2009)  Sustainable school power supply model -prototype (Below 2008)

The prototype I built is  below in "Year 2008";-Another project working with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies of Singapore. The GreenTech module will be used to teach university and college students all over the world.


* Assisting the University of Adelaide SA to build the first hydrogen fuel cell powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in Australia.* Seeking to formally obtain endorsement for the National Hydrogen Institute of Australia -(NHIA) to be the leading organisation on hydrogen.* Built a "Smart" renewable energy power supply model for Condell Park High School in SW Sydney NSW Australia. The "Smart" renewable energy power model involves a hydrogen fuel cell(12watt) via a model RC car in the parked position, low pressure metal hydride hydrogen cylinder(20L),wind turbine, solar electric panel(Polycr-10watt),two 7.5Ahr lead acid batteries for energy storage. The high school seeks to have a real version of the model built at the school over the next 2-3 years. Developing this to expand in NSW and Australia. The model can depict powering a model school under the National Solar Schools Initiative.

Sustainable school power supply model -prototype(2008) -see full commercial unit(2009)

* Linking the education program below, to environmental education (energy curriculum) and the   Sustainable  Schools  Initiative.* The Australian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science/Technologies Education Program.* Advocating decentralised solar renewable energy systems and water systems as usual.  * Influencing state and federal governments.


* All schools in the Bankstown Region of NSW receive a free model fuel cell car educational kit - Feb 2007.* Dr John EW Lambert Smith joins the educational program -      first    Australian (Primary school)program.The below was distributed nationally to many state and federal politicians  in Jan.2007 by SHR P/L."Should a technology led approach towards future environmental sustainability, ever get complemented by the "Push" of carbon trading administrative systems, we change the world forever".* Influencing state and federal governments.


* NSW Environmental Trust Grant performed  with twenty(20) high schools in SW Sydney.   * Advocating decentralised solar renewable energy systems and water systems as usual.  * Influencing state and federal governments."Should a technology led approach towards future environmental sustainability, ever get complemented by the "Push" of carbon trading administrative systems, we change the world forever".* Created  Fuel Cell Vehicle Alliance of Australia (est.2006)  and   World Fuel Cell Challenge(est.2006).* The Australian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science/Technologies Education Program,****      500    schools   in    Australia   now   estimated   to   be   taking   up   the   program(as is or in a modified form)  ****

2005 - * The Australian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science/Technologies Education Program begins early 2005.*

* Advocating decentralised solar renewable energy systems and water systems as usual.  * Influencing state and federal governments.

"Global Warming -the next "Tsunami" -  Environment Strategy for The Greater West of Sydney". This report and strategy has recently been issued nationally across Australia to all relevant state ministers. It was written by HECRESA for the NHIA, and judging by preliminary interest, it appears to be going to set the benchmark for many years to come on the four(4) main categories mentioned. Jan-05(Acknowledgement was received from The Premier of NSW Bob Carr on the 14.3.05)

"The Greenhouse Challenge for Energy - Position Paper Comments & Suggestions"-For the government of Victoria this report gives strong support to leadership issues adopted by the government of Victoria as relating to a states and territories led MRET and national carbon trading scheme by year 2007/8.Jan-05

"NSW Energy directions greenpaper - response"-Jan.05

"Waste Water Recycling and Fuel Cell Integration-Short outlined proposal"-March -05

Pages 38 to 45 (2 articles) in the International Newsletter -"Energy Risk Matters" quarterly (March 05) report, received by ~7000 subscribers worldwide -



* Pilot Hydrogen and fuel cell science/ technologies education program starts at Fairvale High School(SW Sydney) June 2004.

* Advocating de-centralised solar renewable energy systems and water systems as usual. 

* Influencing state and federal governments.

"De-centralised Power and Water Systems (Australia)" the information booklet was written and distributed with compliments to NSW State MPs so as to highlight methods of reducing infrastructure costs for power and water as housing expands in The Greater West of Sydney.( by HECRESA Consulting )

"Urban Transport Pollution Proposal"-was written in March highlighting HCNG for buses using a hydrogen and natural gas blend as a fuel which reduces pollution dramatically,and hydrogen for IHCE(modified petrol engines) and fuel cell engines.The HCNG uses a Cummins modified heavy duty engine.As hydrogen would be required to be produced for such, hydrogen as well can be used for a demonstration Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) fleet(Both technologies being HCNG and fuel cells togother).The report/proposal highlights varies hydrogen production methods including the CSIRO's solar thermal technologies, where by a demonstration of carbon dioxide sequestration could happen in conjunction with the CRC for CO2.The proposal/report was issued to NSW Ministers Sartor , Knowles, and Scully. Further the reports were posted to WA Premier Gallop,and Premier Bracks of Victoria,The Premier of Queenland.With hydrogen and HCNG available to be utilised as above,the proposal is the "bridge" to zero(0) emission transportation( by HECRESA Consulting ).

"Suggested Energy Directions for Australia to year 2020"-This was the most comprehensive report this year by far dealing with Australia's natural advantages, and highlighting detailed mechanisms using current technologies where upon "Stepping Stones" are suggested where each one solves problems as we progress forward. It highlights Australia to be the "Mass Hydrogen" producer as a demonstration project under the IPHE scoping papers issued after last November's meeting in Washington.The recipients of this report are not disclosed. ( by HEC Consulting ).

"Greenhouse Strategy Suggestions NSW"(May 31-04) - The NSW Greenhouse Office called for papers of input by the 30.06.04  as regarding The NSW Greenhouse Strategy. Solar Hydrogen Research Pty Ltd via HEC consulting has already issued a comprehensive bound report on suggestions. The report was as well issued at Ministerial level throughout Australia.

"Principals and Teachers-Suggested Pilot Educational Program for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies"- Report 1 of 3 issued in June 2004 to the Dep. of Education NSW (Dr Refshauge). 2/ Issued all Education Ministers throughout Australia a letter suggesting fuel cell science educational pilot programs are now warranted (June 2004).Some preliminary replies have been received. 3/ A pilot program will commence with a nominated high school in The Greater West of Sydney when school resumes in July 2004.This report was distributed at Ministerial throughout Australia.

"Education in Australia -Suggested teaching material - Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies"-Report 2 of 3 Aug.04.This report is a specific representation to secondary high schools covering chemistry,physics,engineering science/s and the social science/s.This report was distributed to all State Ministers' of education , The Senate, Science Teachers' Associations (NSW)+Federal, some local state MPs in NSW, and to a selected six(12) high schools in The Greater West of Sydney. 

"High Schools in New South Wales.(H2 & Fuel Cell Science & Engineering Education)"-Report 3 of 3 September 2004.This report is specific to the curriculum of high schools in NSW,and is in accordance with the Office of The Board of Studies.

The education report series consisting of three(3) reports in total, apart from being issued around Australia over the last four(4) months, has now been issued to all libraries in The Greater West of Sydney including Liverpool Central and subsidiaries , Cabramatta Central and subsidiaries, and Campbelltown Central and subsidiaries.

June-04 Pilot Hydrogen &  fuel cell science/technology education program developed with Fairvale high school (NSW). 

2003- Reports and concepts

* Advocating decentralised solar renewable energy systems and water systems as usual. 

* Influencing state and federal governments.

A proposal to The Sustainable Regions Program Macarthur Region was created and was completed by the (11/03).In this process over  fourteen(14) books and papers had been written by SHR96,which included a full feasibility study by the University of Western Sydney(UWS),The "Smart House" project alias "Hydrogen House",the concept of sustainable living for housing and industry in The Greater West of Sydney and much more.The total year 2003 effort for printed material alone, has been independently evaluated at over  AUD$110,000.00."-©sz

I Visited in year 2003 to name a few: Diane Beamer (NSW Minister) - Pat Farmer (Federal MP) - Mark Latham ( Federal MP ) - CSIRO ( CenDep-Ryde and Lucas Heights ) - GROW (Federal funding) - SRPC(regional funding) - Sydney Gas Ltd ( Camden coal seam methane) - DuPont® ( 2003-Vishnu Desai from India-Nafion® ).

2002 - SHR96 promoted hydrogen throughout  Australia. The formation of The National Hydrogen Association of Australia (Non-profit) was done in year 2001. The Australia wide promotion of hydrogen was achieved through a newsletter called HYDROGENEWS - Initially in 1995-1997 the CSIRO were lobbied quite hard on hydrogen technology. Numerous organisations were contacted including political figures. Such letters of feedback  received were filed and included a local council endorsement(1998).Hydrogenews the newsletter was issued quarterly from year 2000 to every politician in Australia (all states) -MLCs and MLAs.In 1996-7 SHR sought a "green" car demonstration for  the "green" Olympics in Sydney.BMW Munich were contacted as well as US car makers.There was a demonstration of a fuel cell vehicle which led the Women's Marathon.  

* Advocating decentralised solar renewable energy systems and water systems as usual. 


Ministerial correspondence :

HEC has received over seventy(70) letters of receipt on behalf of the NHIA and FCIA, from state ministers and premiers within Australia, dealing with issues such as hydrogen and fuel cell leadership, transportation, education, de-centralised power and water, solar energy applications, R&D , the environment, future energy directions for Australia,  and the utilisation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to advance the wealth of Australia.

Some examples below:

1.  Liverpool City Council (1998): For Hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

2. Mark Latham Leader of the ALP: For Hydrogen the future energy carrier(2001), Hydrogenews the newsletter (2002),hydrogen projects(2003-current).*

3. W.A. Minister for Education Allan Carpenter: For educational reports on H2 and fuel cell science for secondary schools..*

4. NSW  Minister for DEUS Frank Sartor: For solar concentrator systems (SCS),   applications, and master plan for future mass hydrogen production.*

5.  Office of The Premier of Victoria: For Urban Transport Pollution reduction proposal.

6.  Premier of NSW (The Hon Bob Carr-March 05), for Global Warming -"The next Tsunami" -environment strategy for the Greater West of Sydney.

*= commendation

1998- Liverpool City Council endorse hydrogen as a future fuel with great environmental benefits.

1996- * Formed  Solar Hydrogen Research Pty Ltd legally myself and self funded.Artificial Photosynthesis as R&D direction established

1995 - "The Parallel of Significance"  © sz. Written as a vision and platform statement, giving profound reason for the emergence of The Hydrogen Economy, in simple easy to understand words for all to read and understand+ R& D direction.

Reports nationally  distributed (sample):

The National Hydrogen Report-June-03, Fuel Cell Products Reference Manual-03, The Living Murray Proposal-03, Solar Thermal Technology Applications for Australia-03, Decentralised Power & Water Systems (Australia)-03, Smart House Project proposal-03, Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Educational Display Centre proposal-03, The Hydrogen Economy / Fuel Cell Vehicles-03, The Hydrogen Commercial Plan-01+..: Year 2004: Suggested Energy Directions for Australia to year 2020-Mar04 , Urban Transport Pollution Reduction proposal-Apr04, Greenhouse Strategy Suggestions NSW May04, Fuel Cell Science Educational Pilot Program For Principals and Teachers-July04, Education in Australia; suggested teaching material on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies-Aug04.

I am  no longer associated with the NHAA effective 6.8.2004.


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