Towards    Zero   Carbon   Transport  &  Beyond


Hyundai is building 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell electric cars for year 2013 commercial sale -Two(2) years ahead of a planned global commercial release of year 2015.

Honda and Toyota have been world leaders in this field with many prototypes  and testing. They will release their own models in year 2015 which prove very popular.


Honda, Toyota and Hyundai - commercial in year 2015


The overall aim of the new project is to educate society on how hydrogen fuel cell electric propulsion systems for transport, can be  sustainable at low/zero emission. 


This educational focus on transport systems will be achieved by using educational programs,  that can use the latest & affordable model hydrogen fuel cell technologies.


Actual hydrogen fuel cell cars would of course be a tremendous addition, if Australia could ever support a small fleet for demonstration and educational purposes.



" I think that this will be an important moment in the history of hydrogen as an automotive fuel. ITM Power, a leading British electrolyser company, in partnership with Hyundai, have released figures showing that Hydrogen is now competitive with Diesel on cost per kilometre.

The numbers:

bulletHyundai ix35 FCEV (hydrogen fuel cell vehicle) - cost per km - 4p
bulletHyundai ix35 2.0 litre CRDi 4WD diesel - cost per km - 7.9p

These numbers assume:

bulletA diesel price of 139.2p per litre (forecourt price)
bulletA hydrogen price of 419p per kg (generated from ITM's 1MW HGas unit)

Yes you read that correctly - the Fuel Cell vehicle is 50.6% cheaper to run per kilometre than it's diesel counterpart. The rapid reduction in cost is thanks to the continuing development within ITM through large scale Megawatt projects. Government bodies such as the technology strategy board have actively been promoting cost reductions through a number of grant funded projects.

To put this development into further context the European targets for Hydrogen pricing are:

bullet7.19 per kg in 2015
bullet4.40 per kg in 2025

This means that the price target for hydrogen in 2025 has now been hit in 2013, 12 years earlier than expected. To add to the excitement and forward momentum Hyundai's fuel cell vehicle is set to target a mass production run of 10,000 units in 2015. This is the same year in which the London Hydrogen Partnership will aim to have delivered 6 publicly available, 700 bar fast-fill refuelling stations. Additional benefits of running the ix35 fuel cell vehicle will include zero road tax and zero congestion charge fees."-from

World's first Solar Hydrogen powered building planned for Griffith University, situated near The Gold Coast Queensland Australia. Click here

Newest generation GM fuel cell 'engine' in 2010.GM fuel cell stacks gen 1 and gen 2

The latest year 2010 GEN2FCS from GM (US)-Quite impressive. As time progresses to year 2015 the engine is sure to improve further.




by Jenny Brown